The mission of Student Success is to effectively transition under-prepared students from developmental courses into college-level work or certificate programs and to provide educational support services for all college students.

Available Tutoring Services

Adult Education & Literacy (AEL) and GED Preparation

The mission of Adult Education & Literacy and GED Preparation Program is to prepare students with the knowledge and skills to successfully take the GED exam. Students will receive skills in communication, information processing, critical thinking and reading, and problem solving. Emphasis is also placed on students entering the workplace or continuing in higher education.

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Educational Assistance Center (EAC)

The Educational Assistance Center offers a self-paced, individualized program that addresses the specific academic needs of students entering college. The center provides evaluation of college readiness and a variety of instructional options in order to address the different learning styles of students. Instructors and tutors are available to assist students and prospective students in improving basic reading, math, writing and study skills needed to do college level work. Preparation for college placement testing, allied health and nursing entrance testing is also provided. Services and adaptive technology are available to assist students with specific learning or physical disabilities.

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English as a Second Language (ESL) for Adults

ESL for Adults is a program where adults learning English as a Second Language can improve their English communication skills with help from instructors and community volunteers. Classes focus on different language skills depending on student’s English abilities, interests, and needs. The ESL program focuses on conversational English, grammar, reading, listening, comprehension, writing and vocabulary. ESL students enjoy small class sizes and a personalized approach to learning. This program is not only an opportunity for language learning, but also for cultural exchange and understanding. For more information regarding these services please call: 254-298-8620 or 254-298-8599.

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Math Tutorial Lab

The Temple College Math Tutorial Lab is dedicated to providing math assistance to students in developmental and credit mathematics courses. The Math Tutorial Lab is located in Room 3606 of the Student Success Center.

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Writing Center

The Temple College Writing Center is dedicated to providing advice and resources at every stage of the writing process. The goal of the Writing Center is to engage the community in conversations about writing; to that end, the Center provides face-to-face consultations and workshops for writers in all disciplines. Beginning with writers’ needs and concerns, the staff of the Center uses their knowledge and expertise to enhance writers’ understanding of a variety of issues, such as purpose, audience, style and conventions. The staff strives to help writers develop the confidence to make effective writing choices in any writing situation. In these ways, the Center supports the shared goal of other Writing Centers to help create better writers, not just better writing.

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