Corporate TrainingIn today’s fast-paced, changing world, organizations of all sizes and types are faced with how to stay competitive.   One key answer to that challenge is to ensure that employees – at all levels –continue to grow in their job-related competencies.

It is largely through individual development that organizations develop, and organizational development greatly impacts the community’s economic development.

We at Temple College Business and Continuing Education are here to support these efforts. Consider us your training and organizational development partner. It’s a WIN for all!

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Customized Training

While you may meet individual employee development needs through our open-enrollment classes, consider also our customized training and consultation services.

What does this look like?BCE Customized Training

It could be:

  • as simple as selecting one of our open-enrollment classes, filling it with only your employees, and choosing the
    • schedule that works best for your business needs, and
    • location, your place or ours? that works better for a greater ROI on the learning.
  • calling us in as consultants to start from scratch with learning objectives and training designs to meet a specific need.
  • a one-on-one coaching need or a full company learning goal.
  • meeting facilitation, strategic planning, team building and other organizational improvement services.

Call us to discuss even your most unique
employee and organizational development needs.

We’ll likely be able to help!

Payment Options

As part of our proposal, we perform a cost analysis to provide you with the most cost effective fee for quality services. Organizations directly pay this fee, according to the terms agreed upon in our contract for services.  Typically, we invoice the business with a payment due deadline.

For-profit businesses may also consider applying for a grant which may cover all or part of the costs.

Grant Funding Possibilities

Temple College Business and Continuing Education has a long-standing history of success in helping our corporate clients – whether large or small – obtain grant-funding for training we provide.

skills logoFor more information on the Skills for Small Business, targeted for those with less than 100 employees, click here.

Grant FundingFor more information on the Texas Workforce Commission’s Skills Development Fund, targeted for larger, growing corporations, click here.

Or, contact our grants expert Dennis McDonaugh at 254-298-8639,

Why Choose Temple College Business and Continuing Education for your Corporate Training Needs?

High Quality Training

The design, materials, facilities, and instructors create a learning experience that leads to positive on-the-job results.

Instructor Credibility.

We select instructors who have “real world” experience, plus engaging group facilitation skills.


As part of a community college, we are focused on serving the community, not on generating huge profit margins.


We’re local! No traveling expenses included in our fees, or in your budget for sending employees to training.

Grant Funding Options.

Grants may be available to offset our already affordable fees.


We have a solid track record in meeting local businesses’ employee and organizational development needs. (We can provide references from business leaders you likely know!)


We’re here to stay, and can work with you on short- or long-term developmental strategies.

Continuing Education Credits.

Employees earn CEUs, and receive certificates of completion, for participating in the workshops.

Why Wait?
Get Started Now!

Call any of our directors to begin the process.   Each brings a unique background, complementing one another experiences in the work world.   We work in collaboration to ensure you get the best ideas for meeting your specific needs.

Gracie Conner
Division Director

Kathy Brandner
Director, Workforce Development

Dennis McDonaugh
Director, Workforce Education

Training Individuals, Transforming Organizations