Health professions programs present 2016 awards

Ashley McBride received the Anna Davis Critical Care Award, a new award given in memory of former TC student Anna Davis. Presenting the award to her was Michael Cook from the Baylor Scott & White Critical Care Unit.

Five health professions programs at Temple College presented awards in May to members of their graduating classes:


Highest Academic Average Award: Larissa Meredith
Golden Scaler Award: Paige Vanecek
Preventive Dentistry Award: Lisa Nichols
Table Clinic Award: Laura Solis and Jessica Comiskey
Student Total Achievement Recognition Award: Larissa Meredith


Academic Excellence Award /DMSO “Top Gun inductee”: Julie Thornton
Clinical Excellence Award: Leah Cummings
Sonography Achievement Award: Natasha Washington


Vocational Nursing

Caring Heart Award: Dawn Guenat (Temple program) and Lauren Hooker (Taylor program).
Clinical Excellence Award: Shantel Hern (Temple program) and Karmjeet Gill (Taylor program).
VFW Awards: Shantel Hern, Heather Farquer and Shelby Pearson.
Perfect Attendance Awards: Lauren Hooker, Karmjeet Gill and Asleigh Lugar.

Associate Degree Nursing

Baylor Scott & White Mack Duce Award: Virginia Rubio
Temple College Caring Heart Award: Tara Eaton
Anna Davis Critical Care Award: Ashley McBride
Veterans of Foreign Wars Award: Kristi Jacobs, Jordan Lowrey
Temple College Shining Star Award: Joy Botello, Stormie Collins, Kristi Jacobs and Kelcie Satoshige


Honor Graduate Award: Adrian Perez and Wayne Wrisk.


Outstanding Students of the Year Award: James Stephen, Nicholas Lane, Staci Monrail and Abigail Te Poel.