The Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) and the city of Temple are currently working on several road projects near Temple College. As a result, there are several road closures and detours near campus. Keep checking this page for construction updates.

5th Street closed at Avenue U
photo of detour

5th Street has been closed at Avenue U due to a city construction project. It is possible to detour around the street closure.

Avenue U has been closed from 1st Street to 7th Street as part of a city project to build a new connector road from the VA Hospital to Scott & White Medical Center. The 1st Street detour onto Avenue U has been moved up to Avenue R. Drivers who are trying to go north or south on 5th Street near Avenue U are being detoured over to 7th Street for a few blocks.

photo of new HOP stop on 5th Street

While the HOP stop near campus on South 1st Street is closed, a temporary stop will be set up on 5th Street across from campus. Buses will detour from 1st Street to 5th Street to drop passengers off at this stop.

HOP stop relocates

Beginning Monday, June 19, 2017, HOP route 510 will change its route to provide service to Temple College while South 1st Street is closed for construction.

Route 510 will turn west onto Avenue R, then proceed south on South 5th Street. Passengers for Temple College and the VA can use a new temporary bus stop located near Temple College on South 5th Street just south of the marked crosswalk.

For a map of the proposed temporary route, visit the HOP website at

South 1st Street has been blocked off at Avenue U, which means anyone trying to access campus from the north on 1st Street will be detoured to 5th Street.

1st Street closed at Avenue U

All traffic coming from the north on South 1st Street is being diverted onto Avenue U. Anyone trying to reach campus from the north on 1st Street will need to turn right on Avenue U and then turn left on 5th Street. The HOP also will not be able to reach its bus stop on 5th Street near campus.

TXDOT also has closed off access to Loop 363 at Felder Drive. This means the only way to go south off campus from 1st Street will be to go north and then take the detour to 5th Street.


There is no longer access to Loop 363 from Marvin Felder Drive. Anyone who wants to access the Loop will need to go north on 1st Street and detour to 5th Street southbound.

Access to East Campus

To access to the East Campus from the south, drivers will need to take Loop 363 east to a point beyond the construction zone and return on 1st Street northbound, which is still open from the loop to downtown.

To reach the East Campus from the north, drivers will need to detour to 5th Street and cut through the campus near the north parking lots.

As a safety precaution, the college has shut off the portion of Marvin Felder Drive that runs down toward the Performing Arts Center and One College Centre. The only way to access the Quad Parking, One College Center and the South Parking lot is to come through the south end of campus off 5th Street.

map showing access to East Campus
map showing how to exit East Campus

Due to road closures on 1st Street, the only access to the Student Success Center, Berry Hall, ISC, library and One College Centre is now off 5th Street.