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What semester will you begin classes?

1) To be in “good standing” with Financial Aid you must carry a 2.0 GPA and what completion percent?
2) When does Financial Aid disburse to students?
3) Title IX protects pregnant students against missing class.
4) What is the proper format for your email password?
5) The average time to complete your Associates degree is 2 years.
6) How many absences are you allowed during a 16 week course that meets twice a week?
7) How many absences are you allowed for a 16 week class that meets once a week (generally in the evening)?
8) What does being “present” mean?
9) How do you remain in “Good Standing” academically?
10) What was the message that was repeated throughout the orientation?
11) How do you go on academic probation?
12) When do you go on academic suspension?
13) When is the Census day?
14) Title IX protects against sexual harassment, discrimination, and violence.
15) According to the video, what is a Black Hole?
16) What is the name of Temple College’s Emergency Alert System?
17) TC is a no-smoking campus but you can use e-ciggs/vaporizer products.
18) It is not necessary to check your email.
19) When can you make changes to your course schedule during Fall and Spring Semesters that will not appear on your transcript?
20) What is the proper format for your TC email address?