Economics courses are designed to maximize students’ capacity to analyze, interpret, and evaluate economic events, institutions, and processes. Students are expected to learn the basic facts, concepts, and themes of the discipline as they relate to the American economy generally and individual markets for specific goods specifically.

Students are introduced to the elementary methods of economic analysis as a means to analyze and understand economic problems and public policy issues. Students will learn to do elementary economic analysis themselves and to apply what they have learned.

Although the substance of the courses provides a general, but challenging economics education for students, it is primarily intended to provide the basis for their continued academic educations, whatever their major fields of study may be. The courses also provide especially good preparation for academic transfer students who may choose Economics as their major field for their Bachelor’s degree, as well as those who pursue careers in teaching, government service, business management, and law, among others.

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Mr. Benjamin Burden

  Economics Faculty  


The English Department offers freshmen-level English courses, Composition I and Composition II; in addition, Temple College offers a wide variety of sophomore-level English courses such as Technical and Business Writing, Creative Writing I, Creative Writing II, British Literature I, British Literature II, American Literature I, American Literature II.

Composition I, Composition II, Technical and Business Writing, British Literature I, British Literature II, American Literature I, and Creative Writing are offered on campus as well as via the Internet.

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John Stevens

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The Government Department offers students transferable credit courses that are a part of the required core curriculum toward obtaining the Associate Degree at Temple College. GOVT 2305 and GOVT 2306 are separate courses, and neither is a prerequisite for the other.
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Dr. Jennie Dilworth

  Government Faculty  


The Temple College History Department offers basic History courses that are designed to satisfy college credit requirements for the general Associate Degree program offered at Temple College. This includes History 1301, U.S. History To 1877, and History 1302, U.S. History Since 1877. Texas History and Western Civilization are also part of the History curriculum.
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Mr. Benjamin Burden

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Welcome to the Temple College Psychology Department web site.  The department offers foundation courses in the discipline of psychology. Courses are designed to meet the needs of students in either vocational/technical or academic career paths. Our instructional goals are to introduce students to the science of psychology, to provide a basic knowledge of psychological concepts, to stimulate critical thinking and analysis of psychological information, to introduce research methodology in psychology, to offer real-life applications of psychological principles, and to lay the foundation for further exploration of the field of psychology.
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Dr. Jennie Dilworth

  Psychology Faculty  


The Sociology Department provides students with an excellent foundation and education in the discipline of sociology. The curriculum provided is designed to prepare students for senior university work, to support the requirements of human services professions or degrees, and to equip students to be life-long learners and critical evaluators of the society in which they live. These ideals are fostered in each class setting and may be culminated by pursuing the Associate of Arts degree with a focus on sociology electives.
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Dr. Jennie Dilworth

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The Spanish classes offered at Temple College present the universal standard broadcast Spanish spoken in today’s global community. The emphasis is given to the standard Spanish spoken in our area of the world. Texas is next to Mexico and home to Fort Hood, where many Puerto Ricans and Central Americans are stationed. Students also will learn about several of the cultural groups that speak the language. Each class stresses functional language that can be used in the community or abroad. Although full fluency normally requires years to achieve, specific functional, usable language can be developed from the very beginning through diligent practice. Even a beginning student will be able to help a Spanish speaker fill out a hotel registration form, sign up for school, make an appointment, or give and receive the information needed on a census form.

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Mrs. Aurora Wold-Krogmann

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