Admission criteria to the Temple College Respiratory Care program shall include the following:

  1. A completed portfolio to be submitted to the Respiratory Care Department by the third Monday in June. The portfolio should contain the following:
    1. TSI scores – all candidates should have passed all three parts of TSI Test by this time in order to be considered for full enrollment.
    2. Departmental aptitude tests: TEAS-V – All candidates should attain a passing score on all four parts of the TEAS-V (Reading, Math, Science, and English).
    3. Complete a structured tour at the VA and Scott and White hospitals and turn in the appropriate report form.
    4. Copies of all relevant transcripts: (1) High School, (2) College/University, (3) Military Service schools, (4) other (proprietary schools, etc.)
    5. Two letters of reference.
    6. Complete a health and immunization form.
  2. Interview with the Respiratory Care selection panel. Candidates will be interviewed separately by at least three different panel members.
  3. Letters of notification will be mailed by the close of business on the Friday following the selection process. In the event a candidate is not selected for entry into the program at this time, alternatives will be made available at the candidate’s request.
  4. After students are accepted into the program, they must sign a personal disclosure statement allowing the clinical affiliated hospitals to perform a background investigation as their needs dictate.

Special consideration will be given to those prospective students desiring admission who are transferring from programs accredited by CoARC and/or are graduates of military respiratory care programs. A pre-entry physical exam may be required; including Tuberculosis screening and appropriate immunizations. The physical exam should also verify the candidate’s good physical and mental health. Students must make at least a “C” in all respiratory care courses in order to continue in the usual sequence described in the course outline. Liability insurance for clinical practice is purchased through the college at approximately $28. The cost is assessed as part of the fee for the first clinical course (RSPT 1360) and covers the student for the rest of the program.

Upon completion of the last clinical course (RSPT 2362) and a passing grade on a comprehensive respiratory care examination, an Associate of Applied Science Degree and a Certificate of Completion are awarded. The student then becomes a graduate therapist and is eligible to take the national credentialing examinations. Graduates who pass the Certification Examination for Entry Level Respiratory Therapy Practitioners are awarded the Certified Respiratory Therapist credential (CRT); and the Texas Department of Health also awards the Respiratory Care Practitioner (RCP) certification which qualifies the individual to practice respiratory care in the state of Texas. Following the attainment of the CRT credential the candidate may then take the two-part Registry Examination for Advanced Respiratory Therapy Practitioners offered by the NBRC. Upon passing both the Written Registry and Clinical Simulation portions of the exam the candidate becomes a Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT).

Students are encouraged to become student members of the American Association for Respiratory Care, Texas Society for Respiratory Care, and the Association for Respiratory Care Students – a TC student club. Each of these organizations will aid the student in becoming more familiar with the field of respiratory care.

Th aptitude test TEAS-V(approx. $50) is administered by the Testing Center located on the second floor of One College Centre. Call 254-298-8586 OR 1-800-4636 ext x-8586 for an appointment.  It is important that you bring a picture ID and come at least 3 hours before closing time. Minimum acceptable score is a overall composite of 61%.  The test is made up of Reading/Math/Science/English & Language Usage.  Students receive their test scores immediately after testing is completed; scores are also sent to the Respiratory Care Department.

*There is a free online review and TEAS-V information with practice test questions at The TC Library also has study materials to be used at the library.

The deadline for completing necessary information to go into the Respiratory Care Prospective Student Files is Wednesday, June 21, 2017.

Preselection Committee will meet Friday, June 23, 2017.

Please call 254-298-8928 or 254-298-8697 for further information.