The LVN-Bridging Advanced Placement Track of the ADN Program prepares the Licensed Vocational Nurse to make the transition into the professional nursing role. Upon completion of this program, graduates receive an Associate of Applied Science degree and are qualified to apply for the state licensing examinations for registered nursing.

The ADN program is fully approved by the Texas Board of Nursing,, and accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, 404-975-5000, 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 500, Atlanta, GA 33026



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Tracey D. Cooper MSN, RN, CHSE
Associate Degree Nursing Director

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General Information Sessions

Details of the program are presented in information sessions offered the first Tuesday of each month at 4 p.m. in the Dell Martin Nursing Education Center. No appointment is necessary.

Our nursing students must be available for day, evening, and possibly weekend clinicals.

Students are expected to have basic keyboarding & computer literacy operation skills.

Admission Requirements:

Students desiring admission to the LVN Bridging program must:

  1. Apply to Temple College and complete the admission process. All college requirements must be met, including TSI and bacterial meningitis if applicable.
  2. Complete the following prerequisite courses:
    • BIOL 2401
    • BIOL 2402
    • ENGL 1301
    • PSYC 2301
    • VNSG 1160
    • VNSG 1423
    • VNSG 1231
    •  VNSG 1509
    • These courses must be completed by the end of the Fall semester.  VNSG courses will be equated to basic courses that the applicant completed in their Vocational Nursing program. VN course descriptions may be required to identify basic content.
  1. Take the HESI Admission Assessment Exam (HESI A2). ONLY math, reading, and vocabulary can be tested. A minimum score of 80 is required in each of the three areas tested in order to be considered for admission. The exam will be given at the TC Testing Center between October 30, 2017 and December 18, 2017.  Test scores are valid for one year. If you wish to use scores from a testing facility other than Temple College the test must be the exact same three areas tested (no more, no less) and be submitted with your application packet in a letterhead sealed envelope from the testing facility.
  2. Complete the LVN-Bridging application process. Beginning October 30, 2017 the application packet will be available online at the Temple College Nursing Website  Print out and complete the application according to the instructions provided and submit complete application packet to the Dell Martin Nursing Education Center room 1009 by December 19, 2017 at noon. Incomplete packets will not be accepted.
Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available for qualified LVN Bridging students. Contact the Financial Aid office at (254) 298-8321.

LVN Bridging Program Estimated Expenses
In-district Out-of-district
Tuition & General Fees (Does not include fees for Internet courses) $5,216 $8672
Professional Liability Insurance* $     50 $     50
Textbooks (Nursing only) $1,600 $1,600
Uniforms & Nurse Pack $   300 $   300
Comprehensive Level Exam Fee $     55 $     55
Assessment Test Fee $     55 $     55
NCLEX-RN Exam Fee $   300 $   300
Misc. expenses (CPR, supplies, pin, immunizations, criminal background check, CastleBranch document management and drug screen, etc.)  



$   850




$   850

TOTALS $8,426                                     $ 11,882

*Professional liability insurance will be purchased by the student at the time of registration. Additional expenses incurred as part of the program are the responsibility of the student.
For out-of-state tuition, see TC Catalog.

Comprehensive Exam

All candidates will be required to complete a comprehensive exam before graduating from the Associate Degree Nursing program.


All students seeking licensure as a registered nurse must pass the Jurisprudence exam and NCLEX-RN administered by the Texas Board of Nursing. The Board of Nursing may delay or refuse to admit persons to their examination or refuse to issue a license or certificate of registration. Review the licensure questions carefully to determine if filing a Declaratory Order is warranted.

Curriculum for LVN Bridging



 LVN Bridging Program for Summer, 2017

(Must be a Licensed Vocational Nurse)


________BIOL 2401       Human Anatomy & Physiology I

________BIOL 2402       Human Anatomy & Physiology II

________ENGL 1301       Composition I

________PSYC 2301       General Psychology

________VNSG 1423       Basic Nursing Skills (credit transferred from VN program)

________VNSG 1160       Clinical (credit transferred from VN program)

________VNSG 1231       Pharmacology (credit transferred from VN program)

________VNSG 1509       Nursing in Health & Illness II (credit transferred from VN program)

Summer Semester I

________RNSG 1517       Concepts of Professional Nursing Practice I for Articulating Students

________RNSG 1146       Legal & Ethical Issues for Nurses

Summer Semester II

________RNSG 2213       Mental Health Nursing

________RNSG 1163       Clinical-Nursing III-Registered Nurse Training*

2nd Fall Semester

________PSYC 2314       Lifespan Growth & Development

________RNSG 1347       Concepts of Clinical Decision-Making

________RNSG 2201       Care of Children & Families

________RNSG 2121       Professional Nursing: Leadership & Management

________RNSG 2460       Clinical-Nursing IV-Registered Nurse Training*

2nd Spring Semester

________RNSG 2331       Advanced Concepts of Adult Health

________RNSG 1251     Care of the Childbearing Family

________RNSG 2461       Clinical Nursing-V-Registered Nurse Training*

________Elective           3 credits from one of the core curriculum courses listed below**

**ENGL 2322, 2323, 2327, 2328, HIST 2311, 2312, HUMA 1301, SPAN 1411, 1412, ARTS 1301, 1303, 1304, 2356, DRAM 1310, MUSI 1301, 1306, 1308, 1309, 1310 These course descriptions may be found at the following link under 040 or 050:

* Clinical courses generally require 12 contact hours per week.  Clinical courses may include day, evening and weekend hours.

Any general education course (non-RNSG) may be taken prior to the assigned semester, but must be completed with a minimum C grade no later than the end of the assigned semester. Biology courses must be taken within the past 10 years. Official transcripts for all courses must be on file in the Admissions and Records office and the ADN Department.

Curriculum changes may occur.  Verify requirements that may affect your application.

Student Handbook Graduating Class of 2017
Addendum to Student Handbook 2017
Student Handbook Graduating Class of 2018