Minimum expectations:  To prepare competent entry-level general sonographers in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains.

Application Process

Prerequisites for admission
  • Composition I
  • College Algebra (will accept Statistics or higher level math course)
  • College or Radiology Physics
  • Anatomy and Physiology I
Application Process
  1. Be admitted to Temple College.
  2. Attend a DMS information session held at Temple College
    Dates of the session are posted on the TC DMS webpage
  3. Complete the ATI/TEAS admission test with a minimum score of 70% in each of the four areas, Reading, Math, Science and English Language and Usage. The composite score will be used to award points. The ATI/TEAS test may be taken twice during the application year.
  4. Applications and official transcripts are due by 11:59 a.m. (noon) on JUNE 1.  The official transcripts need to be taken to TC Admissions and Records Office and the DMS Department.  This includes transcripts of prerequisite course grades and any courses that may apply to the program.  The prerequisites must be completed prior to the start of the DMS program with a minimum of C in each course and a collective GPA of 2.5.
  5. Interviews for the highest scoring individuals will be scheduled during the first two weeks of June.
  6. Within 30 days of notification of conditional acceptance into the program the student must:
    • Provide written documentation of completion of required immunizations (only the first of the Hepatitis series must be initiated in the first 30 days).
    • Provide written documentation of a negative TB skin test or chest radiograph within the previous 3 months.
    • Provide written documentation of a complete physical exam verifying good physical and mental health.
    • Provide documentation of a satisfactory criminal background check.
    • Provide documentation of a negative drug screen.
  7. A 40-hour shadowing experience will be scheduled through the DMS office. The shadowing experience must be completed prior to the start of the first semester of DMS program.
  8. Students will be required to take a CPR class while completing orientation so that their certification remains in effect throughout the 2 year DMS program. CPR courses are available at Temple College and will be scheduled for students with a conditional acceptance into the DMS program.

All application material should be completed and delivered in a manila envelope to:

Felix Guzman DM, DMD, MBA, RDMS, RDCS, RVT
DMS Program Chair
Office 1892
Health Sciences Center
2600 South First Street
Temple, Texas 76504

*The ATI/TEAS for allied health study guide can be purchased at the Temple College Bookstore.

Please Note
  • Admission into the DMS program is competitive. Admission is based on GPA in general education courses that apply to the DMS curriculum, admission exam score (ATI/TEAS), healthcare licensure/certification and interview results.
  • DMS students must be available for day, evening and possibly weekend clinical rotations within a 50 mile radius.
  • Approximate cost (including, tuition and fees, malpractice insurance, textbooks, uniforms, exam fees and miscellaneous expenses) is $9,700 in district and $12,900 out of district.

Transfer Criteria

Transfer students who have been enrolled in an approved DMS program will be considered by the Admissions Committee for admission on a space available basis. Also, all policies specified by Temple College for accepting transfer students will apply (see the Temple College Catalog section on transfer students under Application for Admission). In addition, the following policy for transfer from another DMS Program to the TC DMS Program will apply.

If you have failed a course in a DMS Program other than at Temple College, you are not eligible for admission into the program.

  • All previous coursework must have been completed at another regionally accredited institution of higher education.
  • The DMS Program previously attended must be a CAAHEP accredited program.
  • Be eligible for readmission to all college(s) previously attended.
  • A letter of withdrawal in good standing from the previous DMS Program Director along with all other documents required in the application process submitted to the DMS secretary.
  • Be eligible for reinstatement into the DMS Program(s) previously attended.
  • All prerequisites for the program and previous DMS core courses must be completed with no grade lower than a 2.0 and a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • An official copy of all transcripts and all coursework should be submitted with an application to the DMS Secretary.
  • Course descriptions for each Sonography course completed should be submitted with your application to the DMS Secretary.
  • Required DMS courses will be evaluated for transferability by the DMS Chair.
  • Prior to the final determination, the DMS Chair may request that the student provide further information and may consult with specific faculty regarding the acceptability of potential DMS transfer courses.
  • The prospective transfer student may be required to take an exam to demonstrate knowledge of their previous course material.
  • Upon final determination of the transferability of any courses, the DMS Chair will approve the curriculum plan to be followed by the transfer student.
  • Any student transferring in from another DMS program will enter the Temple College DMS program with only one attempt to complete the program.
  • Transfer into the program is at the discretion of the program chair.
  • Transfer applicants who have not had the opportunity to scan one month prior to applying are required to scan one semester of lab prior to being offered a seat in the program.
    • Transfer students will have the opportunity to take a scanning test to waive this policy.

Reinstatement Criteria

Students may apply for reinstatement into the DMS program following their withdrawal or dismissal by submitting a new application to the program chair. the following guidelines will apply:

  • Students seeking reinstatement, who have successfully completed any DMS courses with an associated lab, will be required to complete one semester of lab prior to consideration for reinstatement into the DMS Program.
  • Students are not eligible for readmission into the DMS program after one year from the start of the semester the student withdrew from the program. A student must apply for readmission no later than the end of the next semester following their withdrawal to allow for a semester of lab prior to consideration for readmission to the DMS program.
  • Students seeking reinstatement, having withdrawn from the program, must have met all the responsibilities to withdraw from the DMS Program.
  • All policies specified by Temple College for reinstating students will apply as well as those specific to the DMS program (see the College catalog section on readmission under the Application for Admission policy).
  • Applicants being reinstated to the first session of the first semester of DMS courses will be considered using the same criteria as new applicants. All requests for reinstatement are determined by the priority criteria.
  • The Program Chair will review the applicant’s record and request for reinstatement with the DMS Admissions Committee and ask for recommendations as to placement in the program.
  • A student who was dismissed for an unsatisfactory grade in a DMS course (class, lab, clinical or practicum) will be asked to discuss the problems that led to dismissal and actions the student has taken to enable him/her to reasonably expect success in completing the program, passing the licensing exam, and contributing to the profession of Sonography.
  • Students dismissed from a clinical site are not eligible for reinstatement into the DMS Program.
  • Students who are administratively withdrawn from the DMS Program for reasons other than grade are not eligible for reinstatement into the DMS Program.
  • After a second course failure or withdrawal, a student is not eligible for reinstatement into the DMS Program.
  • Reinstatement into the DMS Program is at the discretion of the DMS Chair.

Transfer/Reinstatement Prioritization

Requests for reinstatement and transfer students will be prioritized as follows:

  • First priority: Former Temple College students with a passing grade in all previous DMS courses
  • Second priority: Former Temple College students with one failing grade in a previous DMS course
  • Third Priority: Transfer students with passing grades in all previous DMS courses with an overall GPA of 2.5

Within each priority group, preference is given based on GPA.

Reinstatement or transfer into the DMS Program at Temple College is considered on a space available basis.


Statistics – Class of 2016

Job Placement 100%
OB/GYN Board Passing Rate 100%
Vascular Board Passing Rate 67%
Abdominal Board Passing Rate 100%
Attrition Rate 17%

Statistics – Class of 2015

Job Placement 100%
OB/GYN Board Passing Rate 100%
Vascular Board Passing Rate 100%
Abdominal Board Passing Rate 84%
Attrition Rate 14%