Temple College Has a Recycling Program!

Accepted Recyclable Items…

  • Papers: Mixed paper, newspaper, magazines, office paper, junk mail, telephone directories, paperback books, paper towel/toilet paper cores, and detergent boxes. Shredded paper can be loose, in a paper bag, or in a box – but not in plastic bags.
  • Plastics: Most plastics and beverage containers such as soda bottles, juice containers and milk jugs, food containers, trays, tubs, bowls and detergent bottles. *
  • Metals: Aluminum cans, steel cans, pet food cans, and other non-­‐hazardous product containers made of aluminum, tin, or steel. *

* All containers must be rinsed clean. Labels and lids are also recyclable

Prohibited Items…

Styrofoam, aluminum foil/pie tins, automotive parts, batteries, ceramics, glass, clothing, wire coat hangers, diapers, electronics, and ANY plastic bags.

*NOTE: Be sure to remove plastic bags/wrappers from newspapers, magazines, etc.

Special Items…

You can also recycle your large cardboard containers. Please flatten and deposit them in the CARDBOARD ONLY dumpster in the Maintenance Yard.

Green Team

Michael Morris

Reid Lewis



Container Locations

  • Performing Arts Center (PAC): Front (east) side, north entrance
  • One College Centre (OCC): South entrance, nearest the Quad Parking Lot
  • Watson Technical Center (WTC): Front (east) side, north entrance
  • Arnold Student Union (ASU): Front (east) side, north entrance
  • Visual Arts Complex (VAC):  Rear (east) side, near the back door facing the alley
  • Health Sciences Center (HSC): Front (north) entrance
  • Science Laboratory Building (SLB): South entrance, under the covered walkway
  • Hubert M. Dawson Library (HDL): East side, facing 1st Street, near the pedestrian bridge
  • Health & Physical Education Center (HPE): Front (north) side of gymnasium entrance
  • Berry Hall/Instructional Services Center (BBH/ISC): between the 2 buildings
You’ll also find smaller green collection bins inside each of these locations.