Parking and Traffic

All vehicles regularly driven on campus by both students and faculty must bear a current parking permit and must be parked in authorized areas and in the proper manner. It is the responsibility of anyone bringing a vehicle onto the campus to become familiar with the “Traffic Rules & Regulations” found in the Student Handbook.

Student Parking Permits

It is the responsibility of each student to obtain a student vehicle parking permit for each vehicle that he/she intends to operate on campus or to have operated on his/her behalf on campus. These permits are available at the time of registration and subsequently are available at the Cashiers Office. In order to obtain a student vehicle parking permit, the student must supply the vehicle’s make, model, year, color, and license plate number.

Display Parking Permit

In order to be honored, a permit must be properly displayed on the vehicle to which it is registered or by the student to whom it was issued. On automobiles and trucks, the permit must be displayed on the outside of the back glass of the automobile driver’s side on the bottom. On motorcycles, the permit must be displayed on the rear fender (affixed with adhesive). Permits that are not displayed in the proper location will not be honored. Any exceptions must be approved, in advance, by the Campus Police Office.

Special Restrictions on Permits

On special occasions and in emergencies, parking restrictions may be imposed by police officers or designated College employees. If conditions warrant, they may also waive restrictions that normally apply.

Towing Policy

The College reserves the right to impound, or to have impounded, any vehicle which is parked in a manner dangerous to vehicular or pedestrian traffic or otherwise in violation of College parking and traffic regulations. The vehicle owner will be responsible for all costs involved in removing, impounding, and storing such vehicles.